Run, Agency, Run!

Do you like (or even love) to run? If so, we have something in common. I’ve always enjoyed running and was even in track in high school. However, over the past few years, I had really cut down on the amount of running I’ve been doing. Until now. A few months ago, a good friend of mine asked if I’d be interested in training for a half marathon with her. Neither one of us had ever run much more than three miles before, let alone a race like this, but we had no reason not to try. So, after talking with a few friends who have run half marathons before, I found a 12-week training program that I liked. Each week I accomplished a new goal, and one more mile closer to the final 13.1 miles — and something I’ve never done before. I had my ups and downs during training but every Sunday, after I finished my long run of the week, I always felt great. And a few short weeks ago I accomplished my biggest goal, running in the Door County Half Marathon. My friend and I made it through the entire course, encouraging each other along the way, and ultimately crossing the finish line in a little under two and a half hours.

Running has once again become a constant in my life. It’s helped keep me healthy and is something I can do anywhere. Many of us lead busy lives and fitting in a workout can be difficult at times. However, more and more companies are encouraging their employees to stay healthy by starting employee wellness programs. These programs can boost morale, improve health and fitness and increase productivity in the workplace. And, in many cases, the support system they create helps employees to stick with their program long after they sign up.

Here at B+L we started Trimnastics. Everyone that’s participating has been put onto a team. Each person receives one point per day if they workout for at least 30 minutes. If you compete in a race, like the half marathon I ran, you receive additional points. Being on a team keeps you motivated so you’re not letting your team members down. Rewarding employees’ achievements is a great way to keep them excited about working out and living a healthy lifestyle. B+L offers incentives at the end of the month to the team with the most points. And at the end of the year the team with the most overall points will also be rewarded.

Employee wellness programs also support team building. At B+L this applies both to the Trimnastics teams within the company but also to the company as a whole. That’s why we are creating our own event, the first annual B+L Marathon. Our agency, among others, will run a full 26.2 miles as a team. This encourages, and gives everyone the ability to participate, even if you’re not a strong runner. Planning for this event has already begun and the office is buzzing with excitement. More information will be posted on the Trimnastics page of as plans come together. You can also follow event news via the Twitter hashtag, #trimnastics. Now get out there and get your employees and/or co-workers moving!