B+L works with MCTS to increase awareness, for both current and potential riders in Milwaukee and the city’s surrounding areas. Marketing efforts focus on promoting the tools that help to increase the overall experience for riders and potential riders.  The tools developed, launched and promoted include a website redesign, including a Trip Planner and Bus Tracker, as well as a new Ride MCTS App, featuring digital ticketing capabilities.

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Recruitment Campaign


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Milwaukee County Transit System, along with many other transit authorities across the country, have faced employee shortages for several years – with the pandemic making recruiting even more challenging. While all full-time positions at MCTS come with benefits and room for long-term career growth, it was difficult to get those who were not already part of the transit or transportation workforce to picture themselves doing the job.

Our yearlong campaign included two creative approaches influenced by the direct feedback provided to the HR department during their screening of candidates and hiring of new employees. This first-hand information allowed us to develop a two-part recruitment campaign and to showcase current employees and their value to the company.

Each creative execution featured a wide array of diverse MCTS employees. Phase one of the campaign focused on the longer-term career opportunities, featuring several employees, many in leadership positions who started in entry level roles.


Phase two took a broader look at “Dream Job” opportunities at MCTS. While operators and mechanics were still part of story, we also featured a variety of administrative positions. Video played a key role in both phases.

In 2023, MCTS hired more new operators than any other year on record. HR data showed that of the top 10 ways applicants said they learned about open positions, 50% were directly connected to our paid advertising tactics. In addition to a record setting hiring year, MCTS also saw a 10% increase in operator applicants. MCTS has also seen a positive impact on internal morale due to the campaign featuring “MCTS talent.” These campaigns also help the external initiatives promoting operator safety and overall respect of others on and off the bus.