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B+L has an extensive background in the marketing of financial institutions and complex financial instruments, connecting their service offerings with customers for whom they are both needed and relevant.

The benefits for our clients include new customer acquisition, more and higher-value accounts, increased awareness, enhanced brand value and – in almost all cases – better loyalty and less churn.

We achieve this by instilling trust, brand awareness and benefit to the audience. Approachability, accessibility and the highlighting of competitive strengths are all keys to success in this category


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Good Banking PR Doesn’t Take An Oversized Check

“Can you take a photo of us handing over a $500 check to a local charity?” It was one of the most annoying calls I ever took as a newspaper…

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New Technology Simplifying Insurance Claims

Nobody likes having to pay for insurance. The only time you’re glad you have insurance is after something bad happens. And that feeling of relief is usually short lived. That’s…

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Marketing to Millennials: The Savings Generation

Are you tired of hearing about millennials yet? Well it’s time to get used to the conversation, because this group isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. Financial and marketing industries are…