Dissecting a Trend: The Rebranding of Stanley Cups

The popularity of Stanley cup products seems to have blown up overnight. However, this popularity growth isn’t just luck; there were a lot of key digital strategies taken by Stanley to push this trend and help keep it in ascendence – including a shift in target market, an entire online refresh, social media collaborations and…

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There’s No Lying About The Impact Of Digital OOH

If you asked a random person if they knew what digital out-of-home advertising (DOOH) is, they’d probably say “no” – and they’d be lying. Well, sort of. While they likely aren’t familiar with the term (or the Homer Simpson-esque acronym), they have almost certainly been exposed to it. In fact, digital out-of-home is one of…

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Marketing IQ #36: Scott Winklebleck, Website Design Trends + Tajin on Melon

   Episode 36 features Scott Winklebleck, B+L interactive director. Some website design trends emerged in 2022 and 2023, but not all of them are good. Scott shares industry insights on which ones should say goodbye in 2024 and how new technology is influencing new trends. Listen and subscribe to the podcast on your favorite platform: Apple Podcasts…

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The Secret Ingredient of a Successful Marketing Campaign

The making of a successful marketing campaign is much like crafting the perfect batch of soup. Just as a chef artfully combines various ingredients to tantalize taste buds, marketers blend a medley of carefully chosen elements to entice and engage their target audience. From the savory broth of compelling storytelling to the perfectly diced vegetables…

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Marketing IQ #34: Foul Mouth Creative + Advertising That Sticks With You

   Episode 34 (part 2 of ep. 33) features the co-founders and masterminds behind the women-owned Foul Mouth Creative – Jourdan Huys and Rachel Carlson. In part 2, Jourdan (a former B+L intern) and Rachel talk about what makes good creative and the inspiration they derive from pigeons. Check out the Foul Mouth Creative…

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Right Brained or Left Brained – The Designer’s Identity Crisis

You’ve likely heard the theory that someone is either left- or right-brain dominant, referring to the two hemispheres of someone’s brain. Right, being the more artsy, musically inclined type and left, being the problem solver and analytical thinker. While studies (including this one from the University of Utah) have debunked this theory, we still tend…

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Marketing IQ #33: Foul Mouth Creative

Marketing IQ #33: Foul Mouth Creative + Being a Complex, Weird, Wild, Wonderful Human

   Episode 33 features the co-founders and masterminds behind the women-owned Foul Mouth Creative – Jourdan Huys and Rachel Carlson. In part 1, Jourdan (a former B+L intern) and Rachel share their journeys in the agency world to what it’s like to running their own indie agency in a traditionally male-dominated industry. Listen and subscribe to the…

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New Scandal. Tik-toxic

You Can Skip This Blog in 5 Seconds

A month ago, I started following an oat milk brand because I thought their “fckoatly.com” campaign was full of humorous, honest writing that personified their brand. As a faithful cow-milk drinker, Oatly’s products are completely irrelevant to me, yet I follow the brand because I feel compatible with their mission and personality. The reason I…

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why can't AI draw hands?

Can AI Handle My Job?

The growth of artificial intelligence has been raising important questions, including a potentially scary one to a young copywriter: can I be replaced by AI? AI is doing some incredible things, after all, including making art. It can be difficult to determine the difference between art a human crafted and what artificial intelligence made. However,…

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