Crowd at Milwaukee's Deer District celebrate the Bucks Championship win

NBA FINALS EXPOSURE: Trying to calculate the incalculable

As Milwaukee basks in the afterglow of the Bucks NBA championship, it is hard to believe that the Fiserv Forum almost didn’t get built. Back in 2015, the new ownership’s request for partial state funding was met with scorn by many, and the negotiations to build the stadium (and keep the team) teetered on collapse.…

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AT&T, Time Warner merger intriguing for advertisers

Judge Richard Leon’s recent ruling on the pending AT&T/Time Warner merger was of great interest on many levels, from its potential impact on future anti-trust law and the tech and entertainment industries to its ramifications for the Trump Administration and the viewing public. While it’s ultimate effect is still largely TBD, there is one segment…

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Have You Verified Your Domain on Facebook?

Post-2016, it’s almost a challenge to avoid news about Facebook. The discussions are endless – how much responsibility does it have to monitor content? What exactly do advertisers and developers have access to? Are they doing enough to protect users’ privacy? But one thing that may have missed your radar is their crackdown on link…

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Giannis’s Taco Debacle: 3 PR Takeaways for Your Brand

Milwaukee residents are typical Midwesterners, known for their calm, easy-going demeanor – at least until you mess with their sports heroes. That’s precisely what happened last night when the Milwaukee Bucks’ Giannis Antetokounmpo – who’d just scored the game-winning basket against the Boston Celtics – got the cold shoulder from a local taco joint. Thanks…

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Put Your Money Where Your Millennials Are

Find the millennial market mystifying? What about the millennial female market? Levo recently partnered with Merkle to determine what and why millennial women buy. As it happens, millennial women have A LOT of spending power – in fact, an estimated market of around $170 billion. So, let’s explore how you can speak their language and…

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Our Take: Super Bowl Winners, Losers

The dishes are dirty and the recycling is full. The Super Bowl is over and it’s time to clean up. It’s also time to debate about who won and who lost – the advertising battle. The wacky beer ad, the sleek car ad, the fun-loving soft drink ad, and the detergent ad that outdid them…

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Super Bowl LII: Will Ads Overshadow Game?

Ah, the Dog Days of Winter. Christmas and New Years are long gone, spring is several months away and there’s another snow storm coming next week. Yippee! Fortunately, there is one interesting thing on the horizon: the Super Bowl. Unlike almost any other sports event—save the Olympics—the annual NFL championship draws interest from all segments…

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Screen Cutting In A Connected World

I read the headline “Here’s What Happened When I Gave Up My Phone for the Week,” and immediately let out an audible groan. Having read several articles in the same vein, I expected another rant about how technology (primarily the smartphone) was ruining humankind. But, I read on. Refreshingly, this tech writer put down his…

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The Twitter Gift You Never Knew You Wanted #280

Most of you have heard the news by now. Twitter officially rolled out a new 280 character limit this past month and the internet was abuzz, wondering what this means for bloggers and brands alike. Many went out of their way to write up ridiculous tweets, most throwing in more than a *few* emojis, before…

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Apple’s iPhone X syncs with Digital Influencers

I didn’t camp out for the new iPhone X, but I was first in line to explore their product rollout strategy. Apple tapped into digital influencers for the iPhone X announcement. What might seem like simple strategy on the surface, actually shook the tech and marketing spaces as Apple may have strategically lost a few…

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