A Tech Nerd’s Quandary

I have a confession to make.

I’m a borderline technology-gadget hoarder.  See, I’ve loved computers, mobile devices and all things-technology from the time I could get my hands on them. Since I have yet to enter a 12-step program, I will point fingers and blame my grade school math teacher Mr. Thompson (actually we called him Mr. T) for getting me hooked. As an enabler, he takes the cake.

He introduced me to my first computer – an Apple. Color me hooked. Such a simple machine fueled my nerdiness – and need for the frequent technological hit – in a ton of ways. On that said Apple, is where I learned my first programming code and started writing simple computer programs, saved to a 7.5-inch floppy disc. I chose to take summer school programming courses rather than playing outside with my friends.

Somewhere along the way though, I got pulled over the “dark” (i.e., PC) side. I enjoyed my time there and got to know the line of Microsoft products fairly well. So well, in fact, that as I grew up I became the go-to tech problem solver for my friends and family. Additionally, I also saw the paychecks I worked so hard to earn be swiped mercilessly from my back pocket by shiny new gadgets. PDA’s? Check. Mp3 players? Check. External CD burners? Check. Scanners? Check. “Big Box” electronics outlets became my local skid-row.

Fast-forward a few decades.

As much as I’ve come full circle – and proud to say that I’m a full Apple devotee – I find myself in quite the conundrum. I love Google. So much so that I fought off purchasing an iPhone as my smartphone of choice ever since they batted their eyes my way.  With Google’s extensive collection of applications, tools, brilliant commercials (like this one) that make my tear ducts overflow, and a web browser that I swear by, I still have angst over picking up an iPhone and letting go of my Droid. At this point, I feel like a modern-day Gumby, and say prayers at night that one-day soon Apple & Google will play nice with each other. I can’t live without my GCal – and yes I know I can sync up my email/contacts/calendars/ with an iPhone and use the new G+ app – but it’s. just. not. the same.

I’m very much into the user experience – and I’ve loved every minute of my Droid handset, but as is customary I have the 1½ year itch. I’m on the “it’s a new year, time to get a new smartphone” plan. And Apple has just released a new iPhone version. And 95% of my computer/mobile electronics are Apple. And Steve Jobs’ has just passed away.  And I love the Apple experience. So I’m stuck.

Google & Apple have proven to me they’re worthwhile suitors, both in form and function. They’re powerful, addicting, and stable in the technological sphere. Their branding, corporate culture, leadership and visionary is what every company should aim for in life.

What’s a tech nerd supposed to do?