Here comes Autumn!

The calendar has turned to fall – my favorite season of the year.  Despite the daylight growing shorter, fall gives more than it takes away.  The first thing I enjoy about fall is cooler weather.  It is safe to say I would be one of the few people in the office who are anxious to bid farewell to summer’s heat and humidity.  Crisp days and cool nights are a great transition between summer’s heat and winter’s cold.

The second thing I enjoy about fall is the beauty it provides.  Fall colors are fantastic, especially in our state. Color is all around, and many people do get in their cars and take rides to enjoy view.  Color can also be viewed in local neighborhoods and yards.  I have two nice maple trees surrounding my house which provide me with awesome color to look at on a daily basis.  As a bean counter I often wonder just how many leaves are raining down on my yard when they start to come down.  When you combine my leaves with my neighbor’s that always seem to congregate in my yard it seems like a million when I am out raking.

Lastly, I enjoy the fall season because it is a great time of year for sports.  Football season is kicking into high gear, and it is hard to beat a beautiful fall day at either Lambeau Field or Camp Randall Stadium.  The baseball playoffs get going and hopefully will involve a long run by our Brewers this year.  Hockey’s puck drop is also just a short time away.  Get out and enjoy a beautiful time of year.  Winter’s cold and snow will grip us all too quickly and hang on all too long.