3 Ways to Use Live Streaming Social Media

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“If you didn’t put it online, it never happened.”

It’s not a new idea that if you want your brand to stay relevant (especially with millennials) you need to find a way to keep in touch with the outlets consumers are using most often. Television is certainly not dead, but it doesn’t reach the masses like it used to five years ago as a result of commercial free streaming services like Netflix and Hulu. Social media platforms have created new ways for people to share moments through video, some being instant broadcasts like Facebook Live and others being recorded first and then posted to a profile like Snapchat and Instagram. Even better, Facebook has reported that users watch three times longer than regular video content as well as commenting ten times more often. There are a variety of different ways you can use the live streaming tools to promote your business with just a click of a button.

  1. Live Stream / Record An Activity

Your content should revolve around your brand, but not too heavily, otherwise you risk pestering your consumer with more of the same online advertising. Buzzfeed is a great example of how to engage viewers in your product without blatantly telling them you are doing so, like here. Having a plot line that transcends your product will grab viewers’ attention and make them unknowingly interact with your product. If you make the content genuinely engaging, viewers will forget they are even watching an advertisement.

  1. Create a Series

Finding a new and exciting way to engage with consumers each week makes them a more captivated audience. Demos, Q&A’s or even behind the scenes looks for your consumers to enjoy will allow them to engage with your brand in a fresh way. For example, Patron began using Facebook live to teach people how to make drinks with their tequila. By using their Twitter and Facebook accounts cohesively, they created more buzz about the live events.

  1. Support a Cause- Live Stream an Event that is Already Happening

Gather a street team from your brand to record and talk to attendees at an event in your city. This is an easy way to interact with consumers both on and offline. This kind of recording is especially easy in the summer when there are a variety of events happening. The best part is that it shows consumers your brand is engaged with their community. Be sure to choose events that your key demographic would find interesting and relatable in order to reach the most people.

Being effective on social media isn’t about having your brand pop up with every click; it’s about making content that’s truly click worthy, shareable, and most importantly, worth logging on for.