Teletubbies and Big Eyed Children of the 60’s as Creative Inspiration?

Why does it seem like these old icons of bad taste are driving the creative direction of countless digital and social web sites?  Everywhere I turn I am reminded of those allegedly psychedelic, bouncy Teletubbies and the incredibly kitchy, big-eyed child “art” from the 1960’s and 1970’s.  Most often bathed in the omni-present baby blue, pink and pastel colors most associated with what is commonly found in nursery rooms.

I guess this would make sense if the brands that go this route are targeting very young children.  Or, maybe the creative director is intentionally going for a brand identity of a sad (pathetic) child with acute hyperthyroidism.  However, my gut feeling tells me the real reason is that there is little or no thought or value placed on brand or creative.

Many of today’s entrepreneurs and creative talent were brought up watching Tinky Winky and he / she / its? pals.  Either as a pre-school child or as a young adult, while, most likely enjoying various non-liquid refreshments.  Rumor has it that the Teletubbies were able to penetrate into the viewer’s sub-conscious.  Jerry Falwell even claimed that they were “promoting a gay life style.”  Maybe this was true and now the result is an interweb full of next generation Teletubbies.

Maybe I’m just over-sensitive to this phenomenon, or, just imagining it.  I’m curious as to what others may think.  Is this intentional or is it possible that digital entrepreneurs do not understand or value brand identity.  Or, maybe they are just going for the most inexpensive option?  Thoughts and opinions are welcome.