Marketing IQ #4: Drew Westphal, Instagram + Influencer Marketing



The guys sit down with Milwaukee fashion blogger, content creator and Instagram influencer, Drew Westphal. They dive into the origin of social media influencers, building blocks for solid creator relationships, and even a few fall fashion/culture tips.

The Rise of Social Influencers

  1. Celebrity endorsements will always be a part of advertising, but social media influencers have created a new category that has commanded even more sway with consumer spending in just the last 5 years.
  2. Drew’s Story
    • Drew started sharing content on Instagram like any other user – food shots, experiences, sunsets. After being inspired by other creators on the platform, he started to share his early love and interest in fashion. Users took notice.
  1. The Brand/Influencer Relationship
    • At B+L, we’re constantly on the lookout for social influencers who might pair nicely with one of our clients. It’s a fun process to get to know the person behind an Instagram profile, but definitely takes time and patience (and sometimes a budget). The most important aspect of any partnership is first creating a relationship with the creator. If it’s just an exchange of funds, then the influencer partnership becomes a media buy and loses its added value.
  1. Full Disclosure (Paid vs. Comped)
    • Part of the relationship between an agency or brand with an influencer is a budget. The U.K. Competition and Markets Authority recently launched an investigation into whether some celebrities and social influencers are misleading fans by not declaring if posts are sponsored. It’s very important that any influencer partnership includes a designation for consumers to understand if the post was prompted by a brand or not. As the FCC continues to crack down, brands must follow the evolving set of rules.