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Marketing IQ #3: Social Media Strategies For Paid + Organic Content

Marketing IQ #3: Social Media Strategies for Paid + Organic Content

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Ep. #3 is here. Ken and Sam are joined by Sarah Kehoe, Media Planner and Buyer at B+L. The group dives into the key differences between paid and organic social media, including strategies to consider when creating content for Facebook and other social platforms.


  • Focus on engaging your current audience with quality content
  • Only 1% of a page’s followers see organic content
  • Facebook algorithm rewards content that:
    • keeps users on platform
    • engages
    • doesn’t appear like spam or fake news


  • Use paid ads to sell to a customer base that doesn’t know your brand
  • Utilize specific demographic filters and targets to hit the right person with a message
  • Understand that Facebook is a media company in search of ad dollars
  • The creative used must be high-quality and tell the story quickly


  • The brand is specific in its paid vs. organic execution
  • Wendy’s uses organic social media to poach followers from other conversations and brands with timely, comedic content.
  • It’s paid content focuses on product, deals, and easily convertible messaging.


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