Welcome to the LeBronathon

I’m assuming by now that you know LeBron James is prepared to make an important announcement. Lucky for us, King James has saw fit to share the potentially universe-changing news with his loyal subjects tonight, live on ESPN. In what the network is calling, “The Decision,” the reigning two-time NBA MVP will finally put to rest years of speculation about his future. Where will he play? Who will he play with? It all ends tonight.

Several franchises have dismantled their rosters, essentially mortgaging their futures and ran the risk of forever alienating their fan bases for this very day. With absolutely no guarantees – just hope. Hope that a twenty-five year old James can do his best Moses impersonation and lead their clubs out of the basketball wilderness. Not only to championships, but a bounty of off the court benefits as well.

Members of the media have been willing participants in perpetuating the LeBronathon. Sports Illustrated has a site dedicated to the watch. Countless rumors have popped up on a daily basis. When it became known late Tuesday afternoon that James had finally created his long anticipated twitter account, reports stated that he gained upwards of 89,000 followers in a hour!

This, for lack of a better word has officially become a thing. A spectacle that would have made P.T. Barnum smile. I know folks who don’t care about sports in the least who have rearranged their plans to watch this announcement.

I must admit, I’m sad to see it all end. I never thought of myself as a big fan of reality TV, but I’m definitely going to watch tonight. Until recently, I wasn’t heavily involved with Twitter, but the during the last week I’ve been checking tweets every half hour. LeBron and his handlers have banked on the fact that there are a ton of people like me.

Who, not so secretly are eating all of this stuff up. We feign outrage with what he’s putting us through. We claim to be disgusted with his out-of-control ego, but actually I think we’re in love with it. This thing is no different than watching the finale of the Bachelor or American Idol. It’s an event, and we Americans love an event. No matter how vapid it may be.