Tips to Market to Moms in a Digital World

Moms, more than ever, are using technology like video, social networks, blogs, and smartphones to multi-task through their busy day. Did you know there are more than 32 million moms online?!? Access to online tools makes a mom’s life easier. Whether it be texting the babysitter, googling online coupons, finding product referrals on Pinterest, or hearing news on Twitter, messaging their kids on Facebook, the list goes on. Today, there are more convenient ways to share opinions, build relationships and do price comparisons online at any time, from anywhere than ever before.

So the big question becomes, are you getting noticed by these tech savvy moms?

5 Tips for marketing to moms in a digital world:

  • 1) Keep it real. Moms are web-savvy and will see through intrusive or condescending marketing ploys. Don’t misrepresent your products, stereotype moms, or be pushy with your messaging.
  • 2) Get social. Facebook is the social platform that moms tend to spend the most time. 80% of Pinterest users are women. Twitter targets the more affluent, tech savvy mom. Social media is cost effective, but comes with risks as social sharing can spread like wildfire for the good, the bad, the ugly so be prepared. Note: Facebook and Pinterest are the social platforms with the most referral traffic.
  • 3) Mom’s talk, so talk with them, not at them. A mom is more compelled to purchase a brand they know and trust. Recommendations from others make a huge impact in buying decisions and brand loyalty. That said, connecting your brand to mommy bloggers can be a great tool. Don’t just cold call a mommy blogger, start a conversation and build a relationship… a mutually beneficial relationship.
  • 4) Done and done. Keep it brief and useful and it will resonate. Moms are extremely busy and are pulled in a myriad of directions so you better make it brief or else you’ll frustrate her (Refer back to tip #3 as moms talk). Moms appreciate and value this efficiency.
  • 5) Strike an emotional cord. Use video, pictures, sound bites… whatever it takes to connect with mom. Think of true parenting insights and build off of them. Think of the Volkswagen Super Bowl Commercial “The Force”. It performed so well because parents, particularly moms, could relate to it.