How Media Sales Reps Can Make Your Day

As my last week of being a B+L media intern approaches, I received the opportunity to reflect on my time at the agency. I could write on-and-on about everything I learned in the world of media, but I want to spotlight something that I particularly liked about my job and could have never experienced in school—working with media sales representatives. In effort to contradict their stereotypical pushy, pressure “buy from me now” attitude, media sales reps can actually make your day. (Disclaimer—this is the vast majority of reps!)

  • They are always excited to talk to you. A major part of my job involved following up with reps to receive more info, adjust schedules, or place orders. Whether it was on the phone or via email, I couldn’t help but smile when making contact with any rep. On the phone, I could hear their enthusiasm from the instant they said “hello.” I didn’t care if it was 100% genuine or not, it made talking to them enjoyable. One rep even got in the habit of saying “Thanks Christine, you’re the greatest!” when we said goodbye. Seriously, tell me that wouldn’t make you laugh quietly at your desk and put you in a motivated mood to work?  Via email, reps LOVE exclamation points. I received responses such as “OK!! Thanks, Christine!!” What a pleasant surprise that even business emails can be peppy!
  • Reps never forget your name. Never did a rep refer to me as another buyer/agency. They also used my name in conversation frequently. Memorizing and using names is proper business etiquette, but I didn’t realize how important it made people felt! Each time I contacted a rep and they recognized me, it was almost as if I stood a little taller in my intern shoes. Even though I was not a main contact or my answers to questions were sometimes a little gray, I was always respected and appreciated.
  • Last but not least, they bring treats!  Enough said–cookies can make any day better.

In all honesty, my short experience at B+L has been memorable. Communicating with reps made me grin, but the internship was truly built from solid coworkers. I appreciated working in an ever changing, easy going environment with a media team that continuously allowed me to learn new things and grow professionally. Internally and externally, the people you work with can make or break a job. I’m lucky to have done business with some pretty ENTHUSIATIC sales reps, as well as ad professionals that work hard, but also throw fun parties.

~Christine Dickert