Yes, there is life after college

For the past four years of my life at about this time, I would be settling into my dorm, most likely bitching about the cafeteria food, but so happy to be reunited with all my friends and starting another school year. However, this year is different. Having graduated in May, I am feeling rather strange. Thinking that I will not be living with my friends and being free of rules and parents is quite dismal.  As my brother put it — I am no longer living in the “glory years.”

Recently I have realized that this year may not be so different from the beginning of each year of college. Upon graduation—-and to my dismay– I began the infamous job search. I was trying to figure out what I wanted to do with my life, where I was going to live, what career I was going to have, and most importantly was I even ready for this so-called “real world.”  Am I a grown-up now?

Almost two months ago I started working at Boelter + Lincoln as the marketing intern and I have found this new venture of my life quite similar to beginning a new year at college. Waking up for work in the morning is just like waking up for class, researching information and writing press releases are just like research papers. Getting to know everyone at the office is just like making new friends within my classes…so what was I so resistant to? Why was I so worried about being part of the real world?

I thought that leaving college behind and “growing-up” would mean that fun would not exist in my life anymore; there would be no more parties and staying up late and then sleeping in, or (even worse) no more excuses to eat junk food. Through getting to know the B+L staff, they have made me realize that my life is just beginning and I still have many fun life experiences ahead of me. From hearing about the new house someone bought to skateboarding with their son, I feel like there is so much more excitement yet to come.  I will now have the resources and time to travel, settle into Milwaukee, get married, buy a house, have children…and the list could go on.

I can now say that I am perfectly content with my life for the moment; the right time will come for everything. In the meantime, I can continue to soak up the knowledge of not only the fun times that may lie ahead; but also, the social media, public relations and customer service knowledge I am learning every day.

That being said, I would like to tip my hat to my friends at B+L; thank you for showing me that life can still be fun after college.