A Bartender’s Brew City Insights

Working in the food industry for a little over a year as a bartender, I was constantly asked what were my favorite drinks and places to eat. Taking into consideration that I am a foodie, I have always had a million and one places for people to go, whether that was for drinks, food or both.

My favorite thing to recommend is always a great place to stop for an aperitif before dinner. If you’re looking for a romantic “wow-factor” place, the Pfister’s BLU Bar & Lounge is by far the best place to go. I tend to never order off of their drink list and normally order a Cosmo. However the S’mores Martini is very good and tastes like dessert. Another great place to grab a drink, which is completely opposite from BLU, but has an atmosphere that is fun and a conversation starter, would be the Safe House. More than anything I would go here for the atmosphere. Since you will probably want to order a drink, the Blood Orange Martini is very good and the bartender, a Russian woman with a thick accent, makes a mean dirty martini.

In Milwaukee there are dozens of great places to eat, so it is hard to simply pick one or two. One of the biggest Milwaukee traditions seems to be going out for weekend brunch, so I might as well talk about my favorite brunch place. My favorite brunch place, hands-down, is The Eatery on Farwell. Not only does the staff seem to know everyone’s name, but the menu is literally insane. Anyone can walk in and find something to eat that they are craving. A favorite dish of mine is the Shenanigans. This is a platter of meat mixed with cheese, gravy, and eggs that puts your mouth into a frenzy, and I must say, the pulled pork that they use in the Shenanigans is amazing! It is like nothing I have ever tasted.

Many know Milwaukee as a beer town, being the one-time home of iconic brands like Blatz, Pabst and Schlitz and still the home to Miller Lite. There are also numerous microbreweries and brew-pubs. Each of the breweries that Milwaukee houses offers entertaining tours and delicious samplings that are a “must-do” attraction for Brew City visitors. Not only is Milwaukee home to some of the greatest brewers and their beers, but one of the town’s T.V. claims to fame is the 1970’s hit show, Laverne & Shirley. Schlemiel! Schlimazel!

There is definitely a lot more to this town than beer. There are fabulous cocktail lounges and fun bars, too, along with amazing restaurants that suit a variety of taste buds from fried food to filet mignon.