Augmented Reality for All Industries

Augmented reality has taken technology to a new level for consumers and businesses. Not only that, augmented reality has opened up a whole new way for businesses to showcase products and further engage consumers. Mixing the real world with virtual reality isn’t anything new, but new technology through mobile devices is growing in popularity. Augmented reality exemplifies that mix and allows consumers access right in the palm of their hand. From geo-location to 3D games and from education to bringing print advertising to life, augmented reality, or AR is being embraced by industries as diverse as healthcare to retail. Below are video links to notable augmented reality examples:


The Museum of Modern Art New York developed an augmented reality art exhibit that is permanently on view in and around the MoMA:

Site see historical landmarks with augmented reality overlays of their development:

Use augmented reality apps to find your next destination:


You can now engage kids through augmented reality children’s pop-up books. Here’s an example of “Who’s Afraid of Bugs?” by Helen Papagiannis:


Augmented reality can be used as a tool for medical training to explore a 3D organ and virtually see how things work on your body:


Here’s an augmented reality model of a community hospital to attractively share expansion plans:


The movie Avatar was promoted with augmented reality marks that bring alive an Avatar toy:

The movie Transformers was promoted with an augmented reality poster that immerses you into a 3D game:

Singer John Mayer created an augmented reality music video of “Heartbreak Warefare”:


Product Promotion:
Adidas integrated augmented reality with their sneaker and encouraged consumers to purchase their product to see the virtual Adidas world to play games and share entertaining photos: is using augmented reality with a virtual fitting room to allow you to see their clothing on yourself before you buy in an effort to increase their retail sales:

See the Toyota IQ through a dual marker to see this 3D vehicle in action and analyze the quality components of the vehicle:


Commercial Real Estate:
You can now find office space listings, retail locations and warehouse space for rent by simply pointing your iPhone or Android device at a building or city block. Quickly find out rental rates, sizes and who to contact to see the commercial space:

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