Activism Through Consumerism’s New Medium

Much has been made lately about millennials’ sense of entitlement, laziness and overall lackadaisical attitudes. Previously, I’ve gone on record as saying that I tend to agree with this assessment. However, I do recognize that the tide may be changing (as is my sentiment, albeit slightly), especially when it comes to giving back and becoming part of a larger more impactful initiative or movement.

Brands and companies such as TOMS and Warby Parker (just to name a few) are recognizing this momentum shift and are developing larger, more socially meaningful campaigns, which marry their product and service offerings with social media marketing – paying it forward on a global scale. It’s activism through consumerism (or conscious capitalism) at its finest.

A recent article in Forbes highlighted four companies that are not only environmentally conscious, but “promote a mission and sustain a lifestyle that benefits their customers and simultaneously makes the world a better place.”

Could it be that the “what’s in it for me?” mantra is falling by the wayside? Nope. But it does make the case for companies to develop purposeful and relatable campaigns or online initiatives that inspire younger generations (hell, even the Gen X’ers or Baby Boomers, for that matter) to become involved and contribute to a larger purpose.

I recently sat down with Steve Daniels on Newsradio 620 WTMJ to talk about this topic and how companies can use social media marketing to really enhance their corporate social responsibility efforts.