Marketing IQ #1: Amazon’s stunt, Deadpool 2 + Milwaukee Bucks stadium naming rights



In episode 1 of the Marketing IQ Podcast, Ken and Sam are joined by Garth Cramer (Creative Director, B+L) as they dive into a variety of national marketing/advertising topics, including Amazon’s jurassic-sized stunt, Deadpool 2’s viral marketing, and Coke’s FIFA spot. They’ll also breakdown a local story – the race for the Milwaukee Bucks new arena naming rights.

Follow along with the main topics below as you listen to Episode #1.

1) Amazon’s Jurassic World stunt– [1:00]

A semi-trailer carrying a huge Amazon crate with “breathing holes” and Jurassic World branding has been driving around L.A. for a few weeks. What does it mean?!?! For one, it means good marketing. Strategic partnerships can align to create a palpable buzz around all interested parties. The Jurassic Park franchise gets increased awareness, while Amazon finds a new way for people to use Alexa: “What’s in the box?”

2) Coca Cola’s digital World Cup ad – [2:53]

Coca Cola is trying to leverage the FIFA World Cup using the budding e-sports phenomenon in a new, digitally-animated commercial. Marketers are always looking for new ways to meet their customers and this particular advertisement proves it.

3) Deadpool takes over Walmart – [4:38]

Walmart movie endcaps have been hacked by Deadpool! Or is it just a great piece of guerilla marketing? Warner Bros. demonstrates that it understands its own brand with a playful takeover that completely fits the personality of Deadpool.

4) And the new Bucks arena will be called… – [6:15]

There’s been lots of speculation as to what the new Milwaukee Bucks arena will be named. Brookfield-based Fiserv seems to be the leading candidate in naming rights and it could give them a valuable boost to their national presence. Would a brand like Smoothie King get the same kind of oomph? Probably not.