Exercise and its role in my life

The ongoing B+L Trimnastics competition has caused me to reflect upon the role exercise has played in my life.  The thought of me being the captain of “Team Lonely at the Top” would have laughable at one time.  Exercise was virtually non-existent in my life and my appearance reflected that.

Throughout my childhood and into my early adult life I was heavyset and I did not look or feel good.  I was eating too much junk and not exercising at all.  At one point my weight ballooned to nearly 300 pounds and started to cause my health to suffer.  During one doctor’s visit, I was told I might have to go on blood pressure medication.  Fortunately for me that is when a light went on inside my head.  I knew I could not go on like that and needed to do something about it.

That is when exercise started to play a pivotal role in my life, which continues today.  Back then I started walking every day and eating better and the weight immediately starting falling off.  I lost nearly 100 pounds from my heaviest point.  Today, my workday starts a little before 5 a.m.  That is when I get up and head to Bally Total Fitness in West Allis, which has become a second home to me.  Now, I work out virtually every day and feel like I am missing something if I do not.  My routine includes things like running, weightlifting, swimming, yoga, and skating.

Exercise will continue to play a special role in my life as long as I am able.  I have no desire to ever to go back to my heaviest point.  If I ever lack motivation all I need to do is look back at pictures of the old me.  That immediately reminds me just how important exercise is.