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Now Trending: Kid Influencers on YouTube

The days of watching cartoons on TV after school and being excited about a $10 weekly allowance are over – well, at least for some kids these days. Youngsters are increasingly trading in Disney Channel and Nickelodeon for Youtube. A select few are capitalizing on this trend by swapping out their traditional “kid” lifestyle for…

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Butterfinger Batters Bears on Thursday Night Twitter

The Chicago Bears’ 35-14 trouncing by the Packers wasn’t their only embarrassing, real-time loss on a national media outlet last Thursday. They were also manhandled on Twitter … by the Butterfinger candy brand. The action began in the first quarter, when Bears quarterback Mike Glennon lost a snap off his knee for a fumble that…

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Disney/Netflix: The sky is falling! Or not.

Disney’s recent decision to leave Netflix and start its own streaming services sent shockwaves from Madison Avenue to Main Street. Like the Disney character Chicken Little, people nationwide wondered aloud if the sky was falling. Not only did the split mean the undoing of one of the entertainment industry’s most powerful alliances, it underscored the…

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No, Influencers are Not Ad Buys

If you are even slightly involved in advertising or PR, you’ve probably heard the term “influencer marketing.” From fashion to fitness, these digital mavens have established themselves as worthwhile, non-traditional media outlets for brands to leverage. It may come as a surprise then to hear that they should not be classified as ad buys. With…

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Micro Data, Macro Strategies: MMS ‘17 Highlights

Now in its sixth year, the Modern Marketing Summit (MMS) in Chicago has grown into a globally significant showcase of the latest marketing trends. This year’s conference had a heavy focus on the future of artificial intelligence, but also provided great insights to more applicable, data-driven strategies for agencies to implement. One of the sessions,…

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What’s Your Unicorn?

When you were young, you most likely learned about a mythical creature called a unicorn. Back then, you probably loved the mystery around something that you could never see in real life. The spirit of the unicorn is what drove little girls around the world to ask for stuffed animals and toys to help fuel…

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Get the ‘Spin’ on Millennials

In a world where intricate technology like augmented and virtual reality is advancing at rapid speeds, many of us are left wondering: How can a simple fidget toy be enough to put an increasingly impatient and unimpressed generation into a massive frenzy? The fidget spinner craze began picking up momentum in January of 2017 and…

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Not Anymore! How Safari Updates Impact Ads

Last week at their developer conference, Apple announced two new updates to its forthcoming Safari browser release (macOS High Sierra) – auto-play video disablement and third party ad tracker blocking. With so many headlines about ad blocking and consumer privacy, B+L wanted to share what these updates really mean for advertisers. Auto Play Video Disablement…

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Will AR Enter the Social Media Mainstream?

It’s hard to deny our innate urge to have the best and newest of technology. It seems that every time I log onto my computer I come across a new kind of camera, app, phone, you name it. The latest “must-have” seems to be augmented reality (AR). Although AR technology has been developing for several…

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Influencer Marketing: How to Find Quality Brand Friends

Influencers are essential to marketing in the digital space. These social figures develop and engage with a community of followers around a certain topic of interest (for example, healthy eating, outdoor adventure or even topics as narrow as claymation). As brands try to tap into these hyper-focused communities, ”influencer marketing” has emerged as a valuable…

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