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What’s Your Unicorn?

When you were young, you most likely learned about a mythical creature called a unicorn. Back then, you probably loved the mystery around something that you could never see in real life. The spirit of the unicorn is what drove…

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Influencer Marketing: How to Find Quality Brand Friends

Influencers are essential to marketing in the digital space. These social figures develop and engage with a community of followers around a certain topic of interest (for example, healthy eating, outdoor adventure or even topics as narrow as claymation). As…

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HOW Design Live 2016

“When you make something no one hates, no one will love it.” While I didn’t agree with everything that Fredrick Ost and Magnus Berg presented during their breakout session at the HOW Design Live annual conference last week, this quote…

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Re-Packaging America’s Healthy Snack Industry

We’ve always been a world that snacks; from the introduction of Oreos in the 1910s, Twinkies and Fritos in the ‘30s and M&Ms in 1941, which were a way to send heat-resistant chocolates to WWII soldiers. In the ‘60s and…

Life on Earth® (the brand)

I always attempt to describe brands as entities so complex, they rival human physiology. With fears, goals, strengths, weaknesses and so on, well-orchestrated brands use personas so adeptly, they feel like friends and neighbors. Before any one of us knew…

Generic is so Generic

We don’t consume things in blind taste tests. We look at the packaging as we take it off the shelf, we read, we open, we pour.