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Our Take: Super Bowl Winners, Losers

The dishes are dirty and the recycling is full. The Super Bowl is over and it’s time to clean up. It’s also time to debate about who won and who lost – the advertising battle. The wacky beer ad, the sleek car ad, the fun-loving soft drink ad, and the detergent ad that outdid them…

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The 5 Reasons Why I’m Having a Shamrock Shake

Every time March rolls around you can count on three things happening in our office: 1) Someone will come around with an NCAA bracket to fill out. 2) Someone (usually younger than me) will ask me about my St. Patrick’s Day plans, to which I will reply “I’m too old to get sick on nuclear-green…

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Generic is so Generic

We don’t consume things in blind taste tests. We look at the packaging as we take it off the shelf, we read, we open, we pour.

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Your Name is Meaningless

When it comes to a business, the naming process isn’t all that different. A name or tagline relies heavily on the context in which we put it.

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