Beard Contest: Day 13

The boys have come into their own. They’re beginning to transition from stubbled, street punks to over-the-road truckers – on their way to fly fishermen. Can’t you just smell the musk of veteran hair growers? Hells yes.

MUG_Larsen4 Andy Larsen

MUG_Kazlauskas4 Andrew Kazlauskas

MUG_Stodola4 Michael Stodola

MUG_Cramer4 Garth Cramer

MUG_Coleman4 Brandon Coleman

MUG_Stefanik4 Brian Stefanik

And last, but certainly not least, our boy Petey is sporting the Hollywood style of Mr. Brad Pitt. I must say, nice – quite nice, Mr. P…

Piotrowski_Pitt_low Peter Piotrowski