No Signal? No Problem.

You have probably heard that Time Warner customers in Milwaukee are not able to view the local ABC channel WISN/12.  Between morning radio and facebook posts, it would seem the world was ending.  This is not a big deal people.

First, it is summer – what is worth watching on local broadcast in the summer?  Don’t say The Bachelorette.

Second, you can easily go online and see the program that you missed.  What, you missed the 10pm newscast with your favorite anchors?  Are you seriously telling me that you wait until 10pm to get your news for the day?  Seriously.

Third, it should not be the responsibility of the consumer to call Time Warner or WISN.  What they pay each other should not be of concern to me – they should handle this behind closed doors and keep me out of it.  WISN blackouts programs so we will call Time Warner (who really does that?).  Then Time Warner sends out an email blaming WISN for the high costs. Give me a break – just provide the programming you say you will provide.

Am I going to switch to Dish or AT&T? – probably not since every carrier has issues at some point with programming blackouts.  However, the point of the rant is to prove that consumers have other options – mostly online.  So while WISN and Time Warner continue to battle it out, more and more viewers are going to discover these alternatives.  Either go online and watch your precious episode of The Bachelorette or figure out something else to do – it is summer!  Get outside!