Marketing IQ #33: Foul Mouth Creative

Marketing IQ #33: Foul Mouth Creative + Being a Complex, Weird, Wild, Wonderful Human

   Episode 33 features the co-founders and masterminds behind the women-owned Foul Mouth Creative – Jourdan Huys and Rachel Carlson. In part 1, Jourdan (a former B+L intern) and Rachel share their journeys in the agency world to what it’s like to running their own indie agency in a traditionally male-dominated industry. Listen and subscribe to the…

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New Scandal. Tik-toxic

You Can Skip This Blog in 5 Seconds

A month ago, I started following an oat milk brand because I thought their “” campaign was full of humorous, honest writing that personified their brand. As a faithful cow-milk drinker, Oatly’s products are completely irrelevant to me, yet I follow the brand because I feel compatible with their mission and personality. The reason I…

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why can't AI draw hands?

Can AI Handle My Job?

The growth of artificial intelligence has been raising important questions, including a potentially scary one to a young copywriter: can I be replaced by AI? AI is doing some incredible things, after all, including making art. It can be difficult to determine the difference between art a human crafted and what artificial intelligence made. However,…

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Marketing IQ #32: DJ Shawna, Milwaukee Bucks + Sharing Love

   Episode 32 features Shawna Nicols, better known as DJ Shawna. The official DJ of the World Champion Milwaukee Bucks shares her journey as a former basketball player who wanted to keep the audience cheering as a DJ. From cold calls and working Milwaukee bars to becoming the favorite DJ of Giannis, DJ Shawna…

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Marketing IQ #31: Martin Moore, Becoming an Influencer + Koss

   Episode 31 features Martin Moore, filmmaker and director for Koss. But he’s so much more. A former mechanic, Moore’s photography passion led to bigger and more creative endeavors. Learn more about how Moore changed his career path and gained popularity in the photography world, the radio and podcasting airwaves, and as a Milwaukee…

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Marketing IQ #30: B+L Making Moves During COVID

   Episode 30: On the newest Marketing IQ podcast, Andy Larsen, partner and VP at Boelter + Lincoln, shares his thoughts on workplaces in the time of COVID, where the marketing industry is headed and his experiences in the ad agency biz. Listen and subscribe to the podcast on your favorite platform: Apple Podcasts Spotify Follow Boelter +…

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Crowd at Milwaukee's Deer District celebrate the Bucks Championship win

NBA FINALS EXPOSURE: Trying to calculate the incalculable

As Milwaukee basks in the afterglow of the Bucks NBA championship, it is hard to believe that the Fiserv Forum almost didn’t get built. Back in 2015, the new ownership’s request for partial state funding was met with scorn by many, and the negotiations to build the stadium (and keep the team) teetered on collapse.…

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Twitter Tries to Quiet Investor Storm with Super Follows

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey has faced a tsunami of questioning, criticism and even replacement attempts recently as activist investors pushed the company to increase profits. Last week, he took a step toward calming those waters by announcing a host of proposed new features intended to diversify Twitter’s revenue streams and grow its user base. As…

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Technology Winners and Losers of 2020

Every year has a breakout technology, and 2020 was no different. How many people had heard of Zoom before last year, much less used it as a verb? Of course, Zoom wasn’t alone; other video conferencing tools like Microsoft Teams, GoToMeeting and HouseParty became nearly as common as phones across business, academic and personal life.…

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Paring Down Production, Brands Pivot on COVID Messaging

 The advertising industry was thrown an almost unhittable curveball last spring with the onset of COVID-19. As workplaces and schools closed and major events got cancelled, ad spending ground nearly to a halt. Corporate marketing departments and agencies laid off staff, while brands struggled to find the right tone to strike – or simply…

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