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Since 1998, B+L has helped Eagle River Chamber of Commerce build awareness and drive summer and winter sports enthusiasts to this iconic Northwoods destination. Focused largely on the Chicago market, the agency’s strategic marketing plans have been marked by highly targeted media strategies, search campaigns and brand building creative development.

Eagle River’s ongoing brand development has included custom typography, iconography, tagline, messaging, photography, and a new website. Through the use of these creative elements B+L has brought Eagle River’s down-to-Earth personality to life.

One of the keys to Eagle River’s success has been the use of cohesive visual and messaging elements. Their come-as-you-are attitude is brought to life with language that is simple and understated with just a small dose of humor. Visuals focus on the rugged natural beauty, supported by colors and textures that maintain an earthy, unpolished feel. The result is a point of view that is specific, approachable and ultimately very memorable.