Plus Productions

Plus Productions is B+L’s full-service video headquarters. Our video experts shoot, edit, score, add effects and audio sweeten a wide variety of video projects — from network television campaigns to real-time social media content. The pros of Plus Productions are also polished in documentary work, website content, corporate and brand videos and event broadcast productions. We also create news-quality b-roll—which can be the difference between your story getting on-air or left on the cutting room floor. By combining concepting, shooting and editing into a seamless process, clients get more creative control and quicker turnaround on their projects. And, ultimately, a superior product!

Plus Production Tools:

  • Videography
  • Editing in Final Cut Pro and/or Adobe Suite
  • Advanced special effects with Adobe After Effects and Motion
  • FAA certified drone pilot
  • DaVinci Resolve color grading
  • Output + input to or from nearly all format types
  • Complete DVD authoring
  • Camera gimbal operator

Additional Videography Experience:

  • DocUWM
  • ESC Services
  • Fednav
  • Invenergy LLC
  • Men’s Health
  • PBS
  • UW Health Services
  • Vimby
  • Walmart