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Multi-media branding campaign zoneworks Case Study

Zoneworks by Rite-Hite helped invent the concept of fabric curtain walls and remains a leader in the category. As such, Zoneworks wanted to make industrial facilities managers aware of the benefits of, and uses for, fabric curtain walls. Significantly, it chose to do this by comparing them to traditional walls rather than its direct competitors.

The target audience for Zoneworks walls consists of industrial facilities managers and decision-makers, who are primarily white males between 40-60 years old with a production/engineering background. They are geographically dispersed throughout the United States and eastern Canada. Boelter + Lincoln was hired to find the best way to reach them effectively and position Zoneworks as the leader of the new fabric curtain wall category.

  • Reach industrial facilities managers
  • Increase website traffic and unique visitors
  • Position Zoneworks as high-tech
  • This campaign was designed to make industrial facilities managers aware of the benefits of, and uses for, fabric curtain walls. The USP was that the cost-efficiency and flexibility of Zoneworks walls made them a smarter choice than traditional brick or metal panel walls.
  • Although the target skewed older and toward print, B+L wanted to drive web traffic and position Zoneworks as high-tech solution for industrial facilities. Thus, a multi-media branding campaign was created whose simple, direct graphic approach and tagline “A Better Way. A Better Wall.” was starkly different from the category norm.
  • This branding was carried across all platforms, including website, e-display, e-news, and the new iPad virtual installation app, as well as traditional print publications. All units also used the headline, “Walls Where and When You Want Them.”


Zoneworks’ website traffic was up 158% year over year during the months the campaign has been running, with a 180% increase in unique visitors.

Website traffic
Unique visitors
  • Traffic spikes were particularly noticeable in correlation with e-newsletters, e-blasts and other digital communications.
  • Zoneworks’ sales orders during 2012 (the year of the campaign) roughly doubled those of 2011. Sales and web traffic during 2013 continued these robust growth patterns.