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A Great Online Campaign Encouraging Visits To The Great Outdoors

Yogi Bear™ Camp-Resort & Water Playground offers multiple camp and lodging options, along with a variety of amenities. Yogi Bear’s Camp-Resort & Water Playground needed help educating travel planners about the benefits of camping at Yogi Bear in order to increase bookings during their busy summer season.

  • Drive consumers to
  • Increase bookings at campsites and lodging accommodations
  • Track effectiveness of banner ads and optimize throughout campaign

B+L developed a multi-layered online campaign to reach the target audience during different phases of their travel planning. Standard and expandable display banners were created to increase awareness and educate consumers on all offers and amenities available at Yogi Bear campground. Additionally, B+L used call extensions, location extensions, and site links to develop Google AdWords (SEM) to further encourage bookings.


  • Direct traffic to website nearly doubled in 2013 compared to 2012
  • 11% increase in website visits in 2013 compared to 2012

increase in website visits

conversions tracked
  • A total of 114 conversions were tracked between AdWords and banners during a six-week period
  • CTR was higher than Google benchmark by 1%