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Wilderness Hotel & Golf Resort - Online Drives Overnights

Wilderness Hotel & Golf Resort is one of the premier lodging options located in the tourism driven area of Wisconsin Dells. Positioned on 600-plus acres in Wisconsin Dells, the Wilderness Territory includes a championship golf course, award winning spa, four-star dining, 56,000-square-foot conference center, hundreds of lodging options, and four indoor and four outdoor waterparks, appropriately granting it the title of America’s Largest Waterpark Resort.

With its umbrella of products and services spanning various segments within the tourism industry, Wilderness Hotel & Golf Resort tasked Boelter + Lincoln with establishing a cohesive brand identity across all entities, refining creative that will resonate with the target audience, and consolidating existing media campaigns while creating a yearlong presence – ultimately – differentiating themselves from the competition with the end goal of increased revenue and sales.

  • Identify our core audience and build a brand that better resonates with them.
  • Through reallocation of existing media budget, increase revenue from target markets over year prior.
  • Took ownership of “family” through implementation of new creative, which featured family-centric messaging, including the introduction of the new tagline “Here’s to the Family, Here’s to the Wilderness.”
  • Utilized an efficient media mix to engage our core audience, balancing traditional and online media.
  • Created a multi-layered online campaign to reach the target audience during different phases of travel planning.
  • Implemented a pay-per-click (PPC) campaign; a first for the resort.
  • Set up tracking and conversion codes to measure the ROI of all of the online campaigns – Display Banners, Facebook Advertising and Google AdWords.


target market increase

In the first year of implementation, revenue from target markets increased 2.60% over year prior.

traffic increase

Overall website traffic increased more than 6.21% over that same span; organic visits were not cannibalized by paid visits.

Facebook page likes

Over 35,570 Facebook page likes garnered as a direct result of online ads.