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Strengthening A Brands Online Relationship with Consumers

Recognizing the evolution of interactive advertising, B+L wanted to measure how online ads impact viewer perceptions of key brands, such as Wisconsin Dells. B+L wanted to understand how, beyond the click-through rates (CTR), online banner ads impacted brand lift or intent to purchase. Online research was conducted during the peak interactive campaign for Wisconsin Dells Visitor & Convention Bureau. The study offered a more relevant metric than CTR for brand building campaigns.

The Brand Lift research analyzed key aspects of the online campaign:

  • Frequency of ad exposures
  • What type of creative content works better than others
  • Distribution across sites and networks
  • Campaign duration

B+L partnered with Vizu, an online media research company. A one question survey popped up on sites where the interactive was placed, to both a control group, those that had not seen the Wisconsin Dells banner ad and an exposed group, those that had seen the banner ad. The one question was “How likely are you to visit Wisconsin Dells in the next 6 months?” The survey measured both desktop and mobile app placements.


The desktop campaign showed those that have seen a Wisconsin Dells banner ad are 43% more likely to travel to Wisconsin Dells in the next 6 months. The benchmark for the travel category is 10%.

more likely

intent to travel
  • Pre-roll video contributed to the highest lift of all creative content
  • The frequency sweet spot was 2-5 times
  • The mobile campaign showed a 128% lift in intent to travel