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Saz's Hospitality Group Case Study

Saz’s started as a single restaurant almost 40 years ago and has grown into a thriving operation that includes catering, festivals, and retail barbecue sauces. Saz’s previous website was developed when the business name was rebranded as Saz’s Hospitality Group. With the ever-changing needs of the business, there had been many pages, links, and other content added over the years that have affected the overall functionality and aesthetics of the site. Boelter + Lincoln worked with Saz’s to develop a web strategy based on the different business divisions along with a complete redesign of the website to ensure visitors find the content they are looking for.

  • Develop a conversion-focused web strategy to promote all six business divisions
  • Redesign the website so it is professional, engaging, and on-brand
  • Develop a website that is user-friendly and responsive
  • Create an email opt-in program to increase conversions and leads

To kick off the project, B+L conducted a thorough discovery process and worked with the client to develop visitor personas. Design objectives were determined with the client and wireframes were developed with all of Saz’s divisions in mind. B+L developed all new layouts and implemented a new design using client-provided copy and photography. Prior to completion, B+L hosted a website management training session with key Saz’s staff. Over a four month process, B+L completed the Saz’s website.


  • Pageviews and unique page views increased by almost 250%
  • Organic search increased by 220%
unique page views
  • Their bounce rate decreased by 41.78%