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North Shore Bank Checking

Checking accounts are especially important to financial institutions as they are often the first opportunity banks have to develop relationships with customers. Millennials, consumers between the age of 18 to 34, make up more than half the market of those who open new checking accounts. North Shore Bank wanted to reach this important audience without increasing media spend or changing the product offer.

  • Promote checking accounts through targeted, strategic media
  • Reach younger, targeted demographic that might not have current banking relationship
  • Increase checking account openings
  • Work within similar media budget, timing and product offering as was in past

Based on an analysis of Millennial media habits, Boelter + Lincoln recommended a shift in media mix with a greater emphasis on online opportunities. Up to this point a very large percentage of the media budget was allocated to television, radio and print. However, only a third of Millennial’s time is spent with those media types. Interactive networks, social media platforms and Pandora were purchased with the ability to geo-target to key markets. The focus to online helped increase reach since North Shore Bank was able to have a larger presence across a variety of sites.


  • Total account openings increased 13.6% year over year without spending more in media buy or product offer
  • Daily account openings exceeded those of past two campaigns