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"Knowing" Branding Campaign

Ministry Health Care operates 12 hospitals and 21 clinics in communities throughout central and northern Wisconsin and eastern Minnesota. In the beginning of 2010, Boelter + Lincoln was hired to elevate the brand awareness of Ministry Health Care and to promote the “patients first” philosophy that Ministry Health Care upholds.

Continue evolution of Ministry Health Care brand, building on the patient first positioning established in the Ministry promise

Attract new patients by raising awareness of Ministry Health Care as a major health care
provider in central and northern Wisconsin

Inform and mobilize internal audiences; stimulate “buy-in”

Increase employee retention and employee referrals

B+L conducted market research and discovered that patients want to be treated like “people” and have the opportunity to take part in making their health care decisions. Based on that knowledge, B+L developed an integrated campaign to showcase the relationship between Ministry Health Care providers and patients. The relationship, based on the Ministry promise of keeping patients first, separates Ministry Health Care from other providers in the area. B+L strategies included use of a fresh, bold color palette, use of real patients and providers and sonic branding. The patients share specifics about their medical care or procedure and the providers speak to the patient’s personal interests or hobbies that they learned about through developing their relationship. Elements included television, outdoor, radio, print, online and public relations.


Internal feedback has been positive. Employee quotes include:
“I think these are fantastic. I hope they touch our patients as much as they did me!”
“The new ad campaign is outstanding…great messages, great photos, great colors. BRAVO!!!”
“I think it’s great we’re going in a new direction.”

Launch-related media relations activity resulted in editorial coverage in every Ministry market. Highlights include:

ad equivalency value