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Gorilly Goods Rebranding + Packaging Redesign

Gorilly Goods produces three flavors of USDA certified organic snacks – Original, Chocolate, and Savory. Created with a mix of raw fruit, nut, and seed ingredients, their products increase in popularity as the healthy snack category continues to grow. Despite being delicious and nutrient-dense, the branding and packaging was a complete disconnect with their target audience. The brand aesthetics and packaging were child-like and didn’t reflect the high-quality, healthy, organic snack inside. B+L stepped in and completely retooled both the Gorilly Goods brand and packaging.

  • Develop a brand that appeals to our target audience through the B+L BrandALIVE process
  • Develop new packaging, utilizing the new branding

After a BrandALIVE workshop to gather information about the products and brand, B+L was able to drill down and uncover everything that is core to the Gorilly brand. From this information we developed a core user, core values, core benefits, core identity, a brand persona, and brand promise. Next, we developed a color palette using earth-tone colors, much like the colors that are seen within the product’s ingredients. After finalizing these elements, B+L went through a full redesign of the Gorilly Good’s packaging line, capturing new photography to showcase the product.