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Door County Visitor Bureau - Print Co-op

The Door County Visitor Bureau (DCVB) is a member based, not-for-profit organization that provides strategic resources and valuable exposure to local businesses that want to target visitors and their dollars. DCVB and B+L first partnered in 2014 to oversee its social media content creation along with public relations and media outreach. This relationship flourished and in 2015 the partnership grew to B+L providing media, creative and digital direction. Part of the media plan created for DCVB on behalf of B+L included print ads in two publications, the Travel Wisconsin Official Travel Guide and the Midwest Living May/June issue. For these print ads DCVB tasked B+L to include member provided co-op in creative to provide an additional revenue source for the organization and increased exposer to interested members.

  • Increase visitors to Door County
  • Raise awareness of destination among key segments
  • Reinforce brand
  • Increase traveler revenue and “heads in beds” among DCVB member co-op partners
  • Serve as a revenue source for DCVB

B+L developed and implemented new creative that showcases all that is iconic and timeless about Door County, while including member provided co-op creative.


DCVB comments on creative

"LOVE The Copy And Ads Looks Great!"

"LOVE the copy and ads looks great!"

-Travel Wisconsin Official Travel Guide

DCVB generated $7,200 in co-op revenue from the Travel Wisconsin Official Travel Guide ad.

"Great Piece!"

"Great piece!"

-Midwest Living

DCVB generated $9,450 in co-op revenue from the Midwest Living ad.