While watching “Mad Men” the other night, I started to think about all of the shows I have watched over the years with characters that worked in advertising and wondered, how do these characters compare to the people I work with?

In the 60’s, Darrin Stephens worked at McMann and Tate on the show “Bewitched.”  His wife, mother-in-law and daughter were all witches.  When times got tough, his wife would wiggle her nose and everything would be back in order.  I wonder if any of my co-workers have a wife that is a witch?  Maybe…

In the 70’s, Ann Romano worked at an ad agency on the show “One Day at a Time.”  She was a divorced woman with two daughters trying to make it on her own.  The maintenance person in their apartment, Snyder, was always trying to date her.  I wonder if any of my co-workers are being pursued by the maintenance person in their apartment building?  Maybe…

In the 80’s, Kip and Henry worked at Livingston, Gentry & Mishkin on the show “Bosom Buddies.”  At night they dressed in drag as Buffy and Hildegarde to live in an affordable female-only hotel.  Kip and Henry eventually start their own ad agency Sixty Seconds Street.  I wonder if any of the guys I work with dress in drag at night to save money by living in a female-only hotel?  I also wonder if there is still such thing as a female-only hotel?  Maybe…

Tony was boss of Angela’s house while Angela was the boss of the ad agency Wallace & McQuade on the show “Who’s The Boss?” in the 80’s.  I don’t think any of the women I work with have a male cleaning person/nanny at their house.  Well, maybe…

In the 90’s, on the show “Ned and Stacy,” the couple were married one week after meeting each other.  It was a marriage of convenience.  Ned married to get a promotion at the advertising agency where he worked, while Stacy was sick of living with her parents and thought Ned had a nice apartment.  Have any of my co-workers gotten married because it was convenient?  Maybe…

In the 2000’s we had Charlie Harper, a hedonistic jingle writer on “Two and A Half Men.”  I wonder if any of my co-worker’s lives have been turned upside-down, or closer to right-side up when a recently divorced brother and nephew move into their beach house with them?  Maybe…

When I watch shows with advertising agencies in them I will always compare.  Can you think of any other shows I can compare?


Wendy Appelbaum

Director of Financial Services

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  1. tiffanyannweber


    Oh and on Fullhouse Jessie & Joey started a jingle ad agency and the Beach Boys joined them on a few songs!

  2. Wendy Appelbaum

    Tiffany, that is a great addition!! “Full House” was a funny show.

    Here is an obscure fact about the show “Friends”. Remember when Phoebe Buffay had triplets as a surrogate parent for her brother? The pregnancy was written into the scrip because she (Lisa Kudrow) and her real life husband, a French advertising executive, were expecting.


  3. Alyssa

    Ugly Betty!

  4. Mike Shank

    I’m sure there’s plenty of guys in the industry that would say their wife is a witch.

    But not on the internet, lest they want a hex put on them the second they get home! :)

  5. Wendy Appelbaum

    Thanks, Alyssa, that was a good show! Wasn’t Mode a Fashion Magazine, though? Either way, I remember Ugly Betty (the character) changing drastically from the first to the last season. It is interesting to see people grow into their positions at work from day to day and taking on new challenges.

  6. Wendy Appelbaum

    That is great advice Mike! LOL

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